Globalisation in Mirror Images

Globalisation in Mirror Images

Westernisation in India, Easternisation in the Netherlands

Huib Rutten (Freelance photographer)

Mario Rutten (ProGlo Programme Co-Director)

Globalisation is often identified with ‘Westernisation’, a process in which goods, people and ideas flow from the West to the rest of the world. The opposite process of ‘Easternisation’, in which goods, people and ideas flow from the East to the West, has received much less attention.

In this photo book, Huib Rutten and Mario Rutten show that Westernisation in India and Easternisation in the Netherlands are two sides of the same coin of globalisation. This is illustrated through mirror images on daily life in India and the Netherlands:  street views, interior decoration, festivals, religious practices, fashion, lifestyles, shops, migrants, students and tourists. 

These photographs are part of a photobook. For more information: